Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ice and snow....everywhere!

This week the Child Bereavement Charity had to cancel it's annual Snowdrop Walk in West Wycombe, Bucks due to the frozen weather conditions. This is a real shame as it's such a lovely, family event that everyone really enjoys. I do hope the weather settles and that the Snowdrop Walk up North in a few weeks is able to go ahead

On another note this week. I like to have a small glass of ale most nights of the week. Yet a recent study from Cancer Research UK showed that nearly 12,500 cancers in the UK each year are caused by alcohol. I went on the change4life drinks checker to check my drinking. I was pleased to find out that my small glass of ale is ok!

Today I went for a long run to contribute towards my fundraising challenge. I fancied a little change from the usual running routes today. So we ventured down to a section of the Ridgeway that runs between Chinnor and Watlington in Oxfordshire.

The path itself was uneven, covered in snow and dotted with icy patches so running in a straight line was not an option. There were many scary moments when I nearly ended up on my rear end. Almost 'stacking it' is something you grow accustomed to when trail running, so watching where your feet go has to become second nature to breathing.

While running I thought of how I could be inside just plodding along on a treadmill. Or I could have taken the easier option and done a simple road run. Or even better, I could be having a nice leisurely breakfast! But no, not today. Today I obviously wanted to go through some pain and discomfort. 

My 'ailments' were as follows;
- freezing cold feet
- nipples that could cut through ice
- a nose that felt and looked like a frozen carrot
- sore and achey knees
- crampy toes

I had two choices.
1. Let the pain and discomfort get to me and ruin my run.
2. Enjoy the amazing and beautiful surroundings I have in my local area, smile and say hello to all of those we passed.

I chose the latter option. Due to making this choice I managed to run 16.07km. I think that's the longest and toughest run I have done so far on Challenge 1000.

But for now, and all the while it is cold I will think of Spring. A time of year when the air is slightly warmer, things are greener and days are longer. It is my favourite time of year to run.

However I am not one to wish time away. So for now I will enjoy all of the adventures snow and ice bring me.

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