Sunday, 19 February 2012

From Windsor with love.

Yesterday I had a think about where I wanted to run. So I said "Let's run to Windsor Castle."

So we parked up opposite 'The Pineapple' pub near Dorney and set off on Route 61 along the Jubilee River. We followed this route until we reached Eton Boys playing fields. We then followed the path to Eton and ran through the college grounds. Passing through the high street of Eton we found a small school called 'Eton Porny'. Fabulous name. 
We then headed through to Windsor. Running through the shopping streets provided many distractions. American's pointing out the flag on the castle which meant the Queen was in, a delicious looking fudge shop, upper class cafes...McDonalds, of course. However we got very many snooty stares from men in tweed caps. All I have to say in the year of the Olympics, where Dorney Lake will be used as a venue, get used to people running tweed lovers!

We headed on to Windsor Great Park. It is a long long way to the 'Copper Horse' statue of George III at the end. Yet finally we got there....

At this moment we had a little snack in the form of a high energy banana flavoured cereal bar. We had been running for well over an hour at this point, and I was excited to know that this would be the day I would do the longest run I have ever done.

We headed back down again through the deer park. The head wind was strong, not making things easy. I discovered today that runners in Windsor are not the same as Bucks runners. I am used to saying "Hello" to other runners I pass in Bucks and getting a perky "Hello" back. Yet in Windsor it did not seem the case at all.

Anyhow, I was there to enjoy a long run on a nice day, and that's what I was doing. As we passed the gates to the castle again we saw the Corgis being walked. They are funny little creatures.

The journey back was tough as we knew how far we had left to go. I findwhen you get to the point where your knees are giving way, your legs feel like a ton of bricks and you feel you have nothing left that all there is to do is keep on running. To quote Bruce Springsteen  
"cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run."
It was very very very nice to get back to the car. I had run 24.4km (approx 15 miles) and I was again pleased with myself!

From Windsor with love!

p.s. by the end of this Challenge I think my thighs may very well outgrow the rest of the out!

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