Saturday, 4 February 2012

The 'Green Hell'

I think I am becoming a pretty serious, real runner.
Perhaps I will become one of those runners who actually know what they are talking about....

On Monday I will send off my participation form to take part in a
classic 24.4 km Nürburgring run that leads through the Grand Prix race track and the legendary Nordschleife.

Entry to this event costs 28 euros usually, but the kind organisers of this event are aware of Challenge 1000 and are kindly letting my husband and I start for free.
So anyone who says German people are not ‘friendly’ are completely WRONG! Plus I am a quarter German myself and pretty proud of it, vielen dank!

This race will be the longest distance I will have ever run. The route is incredibly hilly. The hardest climb will be 300m altitude in about 4km, as demonstrated below.


As far as accommodation is concerned it will be camping as usual. You won’t find me in 5* accommodation, now that would just be slumming it.
I will be doing this run on 1st September. I am hoping I will be fighting fit by then. Deutschland Deutschland uber alles and all!!! 

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