Friday, 3 February 2012

The cold, France and Bolt!

Before last nights run...
After last nights run...
It has been a funny past few days of aching knees, sore toes and cold hands. During last nights 5.35km I wore every single layer I could find. I find that the most difficult part of running in this temperature is that it is really difficult to breathe in cold air when the rest of your body has warmed up.

I feel my efforts in the cold were well rewarded as I sat down to watch the new Raymond Blanc programme 'A very hungry frenchman'. I love Raymond Blanc, he makes me chuckle. He is a French man with an English sense of humour which I find adorable.

Those that know me are aware that I do have a little bit of an obsession with France. So if I could run somewhere in France it would be amazing. At the moment I am in discussions with a lovely lady called Chantal at Spa Francorchamps about running on their F1 circuit at the start on May. Fingers crossed! Plus going to Spa will give me a chance to pop into nearby France and for a run.....c'est magnifique! :-)

On a final note as my working day begins. My husband likes to take photos of me while I am sleeping. He finds it quite amusing and will always relate it to a particular action or person it reminds him of. For example once apparently I was sleeping in a diving position, and once I was sleeping with my mouth open like a marmot and so on. Yet the other morning my husband caught me doing a Usain Bolt sleep.....

Perhaps I should contact Usain and show him this, it looks like he has competition!

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