Thursday, 7 June 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow is Rockingham Speedway!

On Wednesday 6th June I was privileged enough to run on yet another great British motor racing track for Challenge 1000.

Rockingham Speedway is set in the midst of an industrial area, however once you are in the circuit you would never guess it.

You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and you constantly hear the lovely song of skylarks. I can imagine the echoes of cars and bikes bouncing off the four corners of the oval when racing is in action. It must be immense.

In terms of running on the track, the International Long Circuit the British Touring Car Championship runs on, has some tight corners and some undulations but otherwise it is fairly flat. It looks great fun to drive on.

Running uphill on the International Long Circuit

It was my intention on this aptly named speedway to be speedy. Proudly I achieved a PB on my time to run 5km and also a pretty speedy result as I ran through 10km.

240 mph!

Toward the end of the run I encountered a downpour of summer rain which was welcome as I was pretty warm. However I got pretty soaked. Rain and shine often mean one glorious spectacle and a few minutes before finishing my time on the speedway a rainbow appeared.

A glimmer of rainbow just above my head!

I really felt a kinship with this track, completing 3 laps of the International Long Circuit and 1 lap of the Oval circuit. Totalling around 11km.
Pole position of course!

Rockingham is very much a circuit for fans who want to see all the action on track, without the need for a big screen. The circuit has a tingle of racing quirkiness and speed lingers in the air.

In terms of this challenge so far I have had plenty of 'drive' to support two causes I believe in that are far bigger and more important than me, that exist to make the heartbreaking consequences of the loss of a loved one and the effects of cancer less isolating and painful.

The Child Bereavement Charity and Cancer Research UK are these causes, you can support them by sponsoring me.

Thank you from me, from them and from my late Grampy Fred - who I am definite would be thrilled to know I am running on all these race tracks :-)

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