Monday, 14 May 2012

Keep Pushiinnnggg!!

Last night, I really pushed myself the last 850m of my run. When I felt I didn’t have much breath left my husband said to me ‘Keep Pushing!!’.  This really encouraged me and has stayed in my head since. I have titled this blog ‘Keep Pushing!!’ as I am a Lotus F1 fan and this is very much their motto at the moment......

Cirebox live cartoons - Keep pushiinnnggg guys!
I am 421.94km (262.18 miles) through my 1000km challenge. Which is 10 marathons worth of distance, which I have achieved in 40 separate runs. My longest run has been 25.9km (16.09miles) and my shortest has been 5.35km (3.32miles).

I want to share with everyone my ‘Keep Pushing!!’ moments so far......

Back in January when I arrived at Thruxton, my first motor racing circuit of the year to run on, I was greeted by horrendous headwind. 30mph winds are pretty darn strong to run in! (In the Runner’s World article on me they put it at 60mph – yes this was a misprint.) However 30 or 60mph, I think this early experience toughened me up for what was to come.....
At Goodwood in March I suffered mild hypothermia due to a sudden dramatic drop in temperature and already being soaked through due to the rain....that turned into sleet....that turned into snow! On my last lap, when I had to get back to the finish line, it took my every strength to keep running, even though I was petrified because everything was so cold it felt like a thousand shards of ice were running through my body. There were tears amongst the pushing... believe me!

In February, when I did my run to Windsor castle and back, I ran further than I ever have before. I ran 24.40km. Previously to this I had run half marathon pace. I was pretty much ok up until 22km...for the last few km’s my legs just wouldn’t work anymore and I felt so tired it was untrue.
And for the 25.9km run this included a lot of hills. I wanted to see how I would do on my Nurburgring run in September which is 24.4km and involves some brutal hills. I live in the Chilterns, and the hills around here are brutal.
This run involved getting to the top of Winter Hill in
Cookham....locals reading this will know how steep this is!!! The last 4km of this run saw torrential rain, torrential head winds and yet again another steep hill to get home. At this point I was limping up the head kept me going I am quite sure as my legs didn’t even seem connected to my body anymore.

There are many more runs to come, I hope by the end of this month I will be closer to half way through my 1000km.
So far I have raised £544 for Challenge 1000. The Child Bereavement Charity and Cancer Research UK are very close to my. A big thank you to all 39 donors so far who have sponsored me. It means so much to me. I have also been thrilled to receive some sponsorship from people I have never met who are also motor racing fans – thank you to these truly lovely people! heart

My aim is to raise £2000. I am going to’Keep pushing!!’ so I hope you will to by being a fantastic, amazing, wonderful individual by sponsoring me J

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