Monday, 28 May 2012

Feeling the heat

I have gained two things this week. One is a nice tan, and the other is 34.16km under my belt. This is the longest weekly distance I have done so far on Challenge 1000.

A new factor for me this past week has been the heat. I have never run in temperatures this warm and if I wasn't doing a fundraising challenge I wouldn't dare to. Running in heat makes you feel like you have run double the distance you have. Everything gets heavy and you swallow many bugs.

Saturday 26th May
I ran from Kop Hill in Princes Risborough, passed through the boundaries of the Chequers Estate, up to the monument at Coombe Hill and back to Kop Hill.
Running route
It was a hilly and demanding route, through road, footpath, woodland and field. But the sights were lovely and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.....
Chequers Estate, the country residence of our Prime Minister

Coombe Hill Monument
West view
North view

Where is where from Coombe Hill
It is very rewarding getting to the top of a major hill. I would recommend visiting Coombe Hill to anyone. If you want to read about it so that you can plan a walk/run/cycle there click here

Sunday 27th May
I crossed over to the other home county of Oxfordshire. My run took me from Goring to Whitchurch and back in the sweltering heat. Thankfully the woodland provided some much needed shade when needed, however the open field and roads were boiling hot to run on.
From Goring to Whitchurch
The reason for running to Whitchurch was to run across a little toll bridge - Whitchurch Bridge. It is one of two toll bridges along the Thames upstream of London.It's due for restoration by around 2013. But on Sunday it was being used fairly well.  It is about 30p for a car to cross it and £3.00 for a lorry.
Toll booth
It was nice to stop and have a well needed drink and squeeze of energy gel under the shade of the trees by the bridge, before heading all the way back to Goring. I got back from this run at about 1pm. On the way back I cooled down with a tropical Solero ice cream which was very very yummy!

Thank you again to all who have sponsored me so far. At the end of this week I will reach the halfway mark (500km) and my dehydrated body may get to run in some cooling showers. I also look forward to entering June as I run two more major racing circuits; Rockingham and Donington. I cant wait to blog about them :-)

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