Sunday, 1 April 2012

Thruxton: Racing against 30mph head winds

Twenty One days into Challenge 1000 (January 21st 2012) and before I started writing this blog, I ran four laps of Thruxton motor circuit in Hampshire. 

In my Child Bereavement Charity vest

In my Cancer Research UK t-shirt
Situated inside the circuit is Thruxton Airfield. We had to report to the people at traffic control before and after running the track. A man in ATC kindly said they would put a poster about about my fundraising challenge in their restaurant area ready for the start of the season. 
Thruxton from above
Thruxton is a fairly small circuit. It's around 3.8km for one lap. However what it lacks in length, it makes up for in speed. It's a lovely circuit and must be extremely fun. It has quite a bit of a hill in the last 3/4 of the track. It was this part of the track that was really difficult to run, seeming as I had to run against a 30mph headwind. To have to do that 4 times was a real test of will power. It was incredibly tiring and lots of foul language escaped from my lips. While we were running a few helicopters landed. However not many planes were coming to and from, perhaps the windy conditions were not ideal for flying!
After four laps of running this circuit I was pretty pooped. I couldn't resist going up to the podium and taking 1st place on the podium. Having raced against the wind, victory was mine!

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