Sunday, 25 March 2012

British summertime begins!

Apart from my run on the beach in Wales, this weekend has been the first of my warm weather runs. I am sure the temperature will drop back down again soon, but running with blue sky and sunshine has been a real treat. However it has involved lots of sweating and panting, I am not used to anything apart from freezing cold and windy conditions. It seems I will have to adjust to this new weather I am experiencing...

Run 1 - Saturday 24th March
Location: Buckinghamshire
Route: Saunderton to West Wycombe, up to the Golden Ball and back to Saunderton
Distance: 9.34km
Notes: Hilly, sweaty

The Golden Ball, West Wycombe Hill
 West Wycombe is a small village three miles west of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.  West Wycombe Hill is the site of The Mausoleum and Golden Ball, built in the mid-18th century. These are two local landmarks that dominate the village and local landscape for miles surrounding.

To run up to the Golden Ball I had to run up West Wycombe Hill. It is a long climb and in the warm weather it involved lots of sweating and panting. Once reaching the ball the path followed into the National Trust woods which continued the climb.

It was nice to see through the gaps of the trees the building of The Clare Foundation appear, knowing we would soon be heading downhill. The Clare Foundation is a 'Charity Hub' set up by Mike Clare (a serial entrepreneur and founder of Dreams ). The building houses local charities based in Bucks, Berks and Oxfordshire for subsidised rates. The offices of the Child Bereavement Charity are housed within this hub. For Challenge 1000 this is one of the charities I am raising money for. Before being based here this the charity was based in Aston House in West Wycombe. So West Wycombe and Saunderton is the home territory of the charity.  

Run 2 - Sunday 25th March
Location: Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire
Route: Horsendon (Bucks) almost to Towersey (Oxfordshire)
Distance: 10:21km
Notes: Very warm, lots of cyclists!

The Phoenix Trail was launched in early 2002 and comprises a series of 30 artworks sited over 5 miles between Thame and Princes Risborough. The trail is surrounded by the Chiltern Hills. I managed to enjoy the views while stopping briefly to go for a wee in some bushes. I don't usually need to wee while running but today I did. There is a first time for everything!
In the picture above I am surrounded by 3 copper figures designed by an artist called Lucy Casson. Here they are closer up...

My husband told me they reminded him of me...he is great at compliments. 

On such a lovely day like today, there were lots of people out using the trail. Most of them were on bikes. It is a nice flat stretch, ideal if you are fed up of hills...a bit like I was today.

On the final stretch of the run we saw an interesting train go by, and the man operating the level crossing kindly let us run through the gates just after he had closed them. It's always nice when people are considerate :-)

Including my run on Thursday at Cookham, I have run 24.92 km (15.48 miles) this week. My weekly target now the days are lighter will be 24 km until it starts to get dark again. At the end of March I will be 3 months into the challenge. I am taking Omega 3 in an attempt to take care of my joints, especially my aching knees that sometimes wake me in the night. I may even have to try out some knee support soon.

You may ask - Why am I putting myself through this?

It's simple ....
1. To raise awareness of two fantastic charities - Child Bereavement Charity and Cancer Research UK
2. To raise money for them...ideally £1000 each!

I cant reach this target without your support, so if you are reading this and haven't yet sponsored me please do. And if you have sponsored me and are checking in on my progress a big thank you to you :-)

Please help to spread the word about Challenge 1000 :-) xxx

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  1. Heya, missing you, your blog is incredibly inspiring, and reminds me slightly of Bridget Jones Diary and you know how much I love that :) keep up the great work, we'll have to meet up for a drink soon xx