Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Trick or Treat?!

On Wednesday 31st October I will kindly be a guest at the Halloween 5 nite run at Water Meadow, Thames Valley Park in Reading. I am looking forward to it!

It’s a 5km course in the dark, dressing up is allowed so I may add a few little Halloween themed items to my running gear. I also have to wear a head torch so I can see where I am going, which is wise as over the past few weeks I have been rather clumsy.

On a run last week I manage to badly hurt my right knee by whacking it on a gate and then later on in the run I fell over, landing on my left knee and also getting a cut from a flint on my palm. I have to say the bruising on my knees left me limping for quite a few days after.
I am about 900km through the 1000km now, so I am approaching the final stages of Challenge 1000.
I have had a good think about where I have run, and used the very handy world of Google mapping to create a Challenge 1000 map of each location that I have run across the UK and Europe for Challenge 1000 so far.

You can tell I live in the South East as a lot of my runs are based around that area. However I have made efforts to branch out to other areas of the country, and over the next few months I am going to attempt to do a little more branching out.
The season is changing, the leaves are becoming bare and the temperature is dropping. It is definitely pretty windy at the moment too....and rainy. Although I have managed not to get soaked. I think the wettest run I did this year was at Rockingham in the summer!  It is time however to get in some lovely autumn runs and hopefully take some pretty photos.
If you have suggestions of any locations or runs you have done that look particularly beautiful In Autumn please tweet me VictoriaKYoung  or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post J

Thank you!!!


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