Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just a little update!

There are just 37 days until my Nurburgring run and Challenge 1000 has been appearing in national and local news!! My local magazine 'The Link' included my feature in their July edition. A big thank you goes to them. I also had a nice surprise the other day when I saw that MSN Cars kindly included a feature on my challenge which you can read here
The Link magazine feature
At the moment I am focusing on keeping running and also keeping injuries at bay. I started to have problems with my right knee a few months ago. The pain happens after 8km each time I run which is frustrating, and also after I have run it hurts all through the night! So I have been using painkillers and have recently invested in a hot and a cold compress.  The warm one helps to soothe it on my very few 'days off' and the cold compress works fantastically after a long run!
Cold compress....bliss....

Yet despite the knee pain Challenge 1000 will continue!!! Earlier in the year I did a From Windsor with Love post and I am due to do the same 24.4km run this weekend. This distance matches exactly what I will run at the Nurburgring, the only difference is there are no gigantic hills.  However I did my Windsor run in February only 2 months into Challenge 1000 so I will be interested to see how this run feels on my body 7 months in.

Speaking of hills I have been fitting in quite a few long runs including major inclines, most of these occurring on a week night due to my ever busy schedule. This was me just before a 19km week night run. can come back and put your feet up and slob out after you have run!!

I have been fitting in some extreme inclines on my longer runs in preparation. If anyone knows of Winter Hill in Cookham you will understand how steep it is, and I have been running there lots!

I am off to Portugal on the 3rd August for 2 weeks, and my running kit will be coming with me. There will be a few early mornings as the heat in Portugal is immense and I don't fancy running in middle of the day heat out there. I have never run in Portugal and I am looking forward to it. There are certainly some good hills around the villa we are staying in, however running up a steep hill and then being able to jump into a nice pool is going to be awesome!
In the sand on Rhossili Bay, Wales....I must do this again in Portugal!

Again, a huge thank you to all those who have sponsored me. Please do let others know about what I am doing and spread the word, just in case they are feeling generous and want to give a little something :-)

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