Friday, 16 March 2012

The Sun Rises (Sale el Sol)

Ok this is a sunset in the Maldives...but isint it just gorgeous?!

There is a song I love by Shakira called Sale el Sol (The Sun rises) and there are a few lines in it that go

Y un día después de la tormenta
Cuando menos piensas sale el sol
Which translates into
And a day after the storm
When you least expect it, the sun rises

So in this rather cold and hard weather we have had at the start of this year, my run last Sunday around Dorney involved plenty of sun. It was incredibly warm. It was nice to feel the sun on my skin!

However I quickly went from sun to darkness again. On Tuesday evening I did a 10k run around my local area. It's never really that fun running in the dark around residential areas. There is not much to look at. You get to see lorry drivers bedding up for the night in their cabs on the industrial estate, bad drivers not stopping at pedestrian crossings, running past a stinky kebab van.....

This Sunday I will break through the 200km mark so I will be 20% of the way there. From this point I will be putting up my running distances per week over the next few months. I am finding it hard to fit it into an increasing work schedule, but I am committed.

I don't go out running because I have to, I do it because I want to. I want to raise this money and support these charities and I want to show people it is worth backing what you feel is a good cause, and help others to recognise these good causes.

Bereavement and Cancer, they are not the happiest of subjects. But they are ones we all live with day to day. It doesn't help anyone to shy away from these subjects. By raising awareness of them, we can help those experiencing them. Let's help bring others a glimmer of sunshine.

Thank you for all those who have sponsored me, and thank you to those of you who will :-)

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