Monday, 5 March 2012

British weather is something to be taken seriously.

I am still trying to get into my head the implications of the experience I had yesterday.

We arrived at Goodwood Motor Circuit closer to 10.00am as they hold a breakfast club event there. We had a bacon and egg bap. The bacon came from pigs on the Goodwood Estate. It was really really yummy and it was worth the £5.

We had a nosey at some of the old cars that were there. My husband was really happy to see some Citroen 2CVs, he became like an excited child each time he saw one. I don't really blame him. They are lovely.

The weather at this moment in time was windy and wet with no sign of letting up. So it was typical British weather! We spoke to the man in charge for the day who told us to meet him at 12.30 and then we could set off on the track. He gave us the whole speech about how we were running the track at our own risk etc. Motor circuits seem petrified we are going to sue. I have to say I am really not with that culture. I am responsible for my own actions. However he did give us his mobile number in case we got into trouble while we were "out there". So if he wasn't responsible he was being very caring.

We set off from the start line of course. It was pouring with rain, the track was soaked, the wind was strong. Here is a quick report of each lap...we were aiming to do 4!

1st lap: The first half way round of the circuit we battled against wind and rain. The back end of the circuit provided a slight uphill section but also great shelter and relief from the wind. I was enjoying myself.

2nd lap: The rain turned into sleet and the wind got much colder. Yet we continued on. By the end of the lap I lost feeling in my hands and my body was shivering. I was soaking wet.

3rd lap: The wind grew stronger, the sleet was frozen and really hurt as it hit my face. I couldn't get feeling into my hands or feet. I started to get quite uncomfortably cold. Through all the wind noise I could hear my husband telling me to keep running, to speed up at certain points and to keep going.

4th Lap: We reached the finish line and did a little lap of the infield to make up to 12km.
We decided we would finish the run then as things had gotten a little out of hand. We took some photos very very quickly and ran back to the car.
I am the pink blob in the distance, note the snowy sky!
In the car I removed as much wet gear as appropriate, wrapped myself in a towel and we got the heat going. I cant describe the pain I was feeling in my body. My skin was bright red with almost black/bruised patches of skin here and there. My body felt like ice, which was really painful. Everything was shivering.

We noted that when we started running the temperature was around 9oC and when we got back in the car it was 3oC! A drop like that was significant and no wonder we had felt it outside.

Worryingly while in the car I still couldn't warm up even with the heat blasting. Wrapping myself up appeared to make me colder. I was quite worried and I have to admit - tearful. I kept doing times tables in my head and counting, just to check I wasn't confused! My husband kept me talking and giggling. We found a shop and got some carbohydrates and sugary drinks. I noticed my lips were blue...not really an attractive look.

Not happy!
Luckily we were only a few minutes away from my Grandparents in law. We soon got me inside (carried by my husband, my knight in shining armour!) into dry clothes and cosy with a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. After half an hour I felt relatively normal again.

My experience yesterday taught me to always be prepared. I know next time I run to keep some hand warmers in the backpack we run with and to keep a flask of hot drink in the car. I had wet hair, wet hands, wet feet and the huge sudden drop in temperature got me into trouble. It's not an experience I will laugh about but one I have certainly learnt from.

So far for Challenge 1000 I have managed to raise £272.00. I am aiming to raise £2000. I have til the end of this year and 3 months into next year to raise this and I WILL get there. My 'near hypothermia' experience has not put me off! Please sponsor me if you haven't already :-) Thank you!

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